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Billy Bob plush doll - Brand new - Limited production run!


Billy Bob Doll * Hand Crafted * Rock-afire Explosion * Very Limited Production

PERFECT REPLICA OF BILLY BOB: After many months and thousands of dollars of investment, the first Rock-afire Explosion doll to be created for sale to the public is ready just in time for Christmas! This doll, produced in the exact image of the famous Billy Bob, the lead performer for The Rock-afire Explosion animatronic band that performed in Showbiz Pizza Place throughout the 1980's is the product of the close development of Rock-afire Explosion creator Aaron Fechter and renowned doll making genius, Harry Lee. The production and quality control of these dolls is personally managed and monitored by both Aaron and Harry and both of these men will sign your numbered doll after inspecting it. Your Billy Bob doll will be numbered and you will be provided a certification of authenticity which will also be signed by Aaron. This is truly a labor of love for Aaron for his fans who still love his work so long after its first "heyday". And we are predicting, that through his fans, the second "heyday" is upon us. Jump on the "Rock-afire Train" with us and let's have more fun with The Rock-afire Explosion! Your purchase will do so much to help us keep the Rock-afire Explosion alive and give it another chance to rock the world.

DESIGNER BOX: Your doll will come in a beautiful designer box, designed by Harry's own son, Garason, who, still in his preteen years, is already a master doll designer and "wonder artist" in his own right. These early works of art by Garason will also become huge collectors' items as Garason is sure to become one of the greatest artists of our time. It would not be surprising at all if we could go forward in time to see just this box going for $1000 on eBay at some time in the future. The serial number of your doll will be printed on Garason's designer box.

ONLY 50 AVAILABLE BY CHRISTMAS 2017: These dolls are sure to be worth many times this initial offering as only a very small number of these dolls will be produced. This is NOT a cheaply made doll put together by the 10's of thousands in some sweat shop in a far away country. These dolls are being produced by Harry Lee's own hands, in his own shop and only 50 of them will be promised to be delivered in time for Christmas. You MUST be among the first 50 to order this doll to get it under the Christmas tree.

BONUS!! FREE PREMIUM VIDEOS!: As a bonus, the first 50 orders will get a free subscription to Aaron's new hit Premium Video Channel, "Behind The Scenes with Aaron Fechter". This is the video series that gives you a place right beside Aaron as he goes through his every day activities, inventing, fixing, building, entertaining, and inspiring young and old alike to live life to the fullest, and invent from the heart. You become a part of Aaron's inner team by watching and commenting on these videos as we work together to repair animatronics, build the next great invention , or just celebrate life. These videos have been highly acclaimed by the subscribers so far and Aaron believes that this vehicle to connect with his fans and customers will become his next great achievement as more people discover its value which is far more than its price. Priced at $72, this bonus gift makes the already low price for this designer doll an even more amazing value. If you already have a subscription to Aaron's Premium channel, you will be offered an alternative gift of a miniature, painted mask of any of the Rock-afire Explosion characters, signed and dated by Aaron, a $75 value.

DELIVERY BEFORE CHRISTMAS: The first 50 orders will be delivered before Christmas, in time for you to put this under the Christmas tree for the Rock-afire enthusiast in your life. Even though the options in the eBay ads generally apply for quick shipment of purchases, be sure to note that these dolls are being produced in October and November and this purchase will not be finished and packaged and shipped in a few days. They will be shipped out to you before or by December 15th, with the lowest serial numbered dolls going out first. Shipments of this doll will begin in November. So, to get yours as early as possible, and to get the lowest serial number possible, place your order NOW!
FREE SHIPPING!: Of course, we all know there's no such thing as "free anything", but to simplify your decision to make this purchase and to give more value to you, Aaron's treasured fans, the price of this doll includes shipping to anyplace in the continental United States. Shipment to other countries or to Alaska and Hawaii must be discussed and calculated.

YES, the other Rock-afire Explosion characters are coming!: This is just the beginning! Early next year, limited production of the rest of the characters of The Rock-afire Explosion will be coming to you so that you can finally have a complete set of dolls, all perfect replicas of the characters all in their own "Garason Designer Boxes". Enjoy the creativity and talents of these master artists while you can! Get this first doll now and you will be at the top of the list of people who the next dolls will be offered to before anyone else is allowed to purchase them.

AARON'S SINCERE THANKS: Aaron Fechter wishes to take this opportunity to thank all his friends and fans and the fans of The Rock-afire Explosion for making this part of his life a dream come true. To be able to offer this doll to you and know that you will treasure this doll so long after the "forces that be" took Billy Bob away from the public eye and the reactions and appreciations he has felt from everyone for his Creative Engineering Tours and his You Tube videos and especially his Premium Video Channel have given new meaning to this part of Aaron's life as he is almost old enough to collect social security, but still feels like he's 25 years old. You are part of that formula that has kept Aaron young and the reason he is desires to continue to relate to and interact with you as closely as possible.