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Animatronic Controller ** Works With Any Rock-afire Explosion Character!

$725.00 / Sold Out

Finally! The Layton Bit Stripper is Available! Control Your Rock-afire Character!

Never before offered! Here is our newest invention! A small, economical control system that you can plug any Rock-afire character into! You can watch your character perform genuine Creative Engineering, Inc. Rock-afire Explosion show tapes! You can also control other animatronic characters and those of your own design using our standard data format! Need a little help and advice with your project? When you buy this new Layton Bit Stripper, named after the young genius who designed this for Aaron, you get "limited" access to Aaron through email who will help guide you in your animatronic experiments.

We've designed the Layton Bit Stripper exactly the way Aaron Fechter himself wants his controllers to work and you know he's picky!

This control box is the ultimate in simplicity. Dip Switch settings determine which Rock-afire character it is controlling. Plug it into your computer, play a show tape, and watch your character rock! This elegant controller has built in diagnostics that allow you to test all your movements simply, one at a time! The box cover is transparent so you can see the LEDs representing which movement is being operated.

Free Show Tapes Bundled With Your Controller!

As a bonus with this purchase, you will receive $300 worth of Show Tape software that will work with this controller and drive your character in a Rock-afire performance! You'll get to choose from a library of available material that will also be growing over time. In addition to that, you will be able to have new shows created and programmed just for you at the studios of Creative Engineering as you need it for your birthday parties, celebrations, and private performances in your own home!

This Will Be The Perfect Controller For Everyone!

This box has been designed to be the defacto controller for this generation of animatronic experimenters. And that means a simple, elegant programmer compatible with this playback system is now being designed (by Layton under Aaron's direction) and will be ready for you to start programming your own shows in the near future.

Commercial licenses to play Rock-afire Shows publicly are available to our customers.

The Layton Bit Strippers are built when sold. Please allow 2 months for delivery.