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Creative Engineering - Behind the Scene video insider club


Behind The Scenes at Creative Engineering with Aaron Fechter! An exclusive club that features several videos a week, available only to members of this club!

This is the #1 way you can help contribute to the preservation and future of Creative Engineering and its 40+ years of inventing history! Become a part of the team, interact with fellow enthusiasts by joining today!

Are you missing out on this one-of-a-kind look at the life and the projects of Aaron Fechter, the Creator of The Rock-afire Explosion(Showbiz Pizza) and Whac-A-Mole? There are currently many projects, inventions and restorations underway at Creative Engineering, be a part of it and interact with the inventing community! This yearly subscription gives you direct access to Aaron and fellow inventing, robotics and STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics) curriculum enthusiasts!

These videos are meant to inspire young inventors to keep trying until they make things work, to show the inventing process live as it happens at Creative Engineering, and to reach for the stars as we dream together about what can be accomplished if we never give up. Aaron also hopes to teach that "It's the Journey" that we must embrace and to enjoy every step every day, because we don't know what curve balls life will throw at us.

You will receive and email link to each new video as it is uploaded. In the past year there have been 2 to 5 new videos per week, giving you 40 minutes to 2 hours of new Creative Engineering/Aaron Fechter material to enjoy every week. Some weeks will have more and some will have less.

This is Aaron's life story in extreme detail. You will be sent links to Aaron's current work on projects such as his latest robotics restoration project for the Kansas City show (2018), Animatronics Experimenter's Kits, The Bear-A-Dise Show restoration, and Rock-afire Explosion shows.
These are shows that will not be released on his free YouTube channel. And, you never know what will show up on a video. Last year, Aaron caught a train crash on tape, created a Rock-afire show about it, and put it on YouTube. It will be the subscribers to this service that will get the full length videos of all of Aaron's adventures whether he writes, records and programs a new song for the Rock-afire Explosion, or accidentally blows up his building.

This video series will be sent to you, one video at a time for an entire year covering a large variety of subjects, projects, and inventions. The Behind The Scenes videos are very detailed, showing you almost as much as you would see if you went to Creative Engineering and hung out with Aaron Fechter every day as he and his friends, visitors and assistants work on various projects and products, including the repair of animatronic shows, development of new animatronic ideas, studio programming of The Rock-afire Explosion, studio recording sessions for The Rock-afire Explosion and anything else that happens to be going down at CEI on practically any day. You'll be right beside Aaron as he works out problems, makes great stuff, makes junk, makes history and makes mistakes. You'll get to hear Aaron read and answer his fan mail and their questions. And, you'll be able to contribute your own ideas through comments below the video about what's going on.

Aaron's best and most detailed videos will now be what you, the premium subscriber will see in their entirety while the free YouTubers will only get snippets.

Aaron's Premium Video Service is now over 1 year old and 100% of the subscribers are happy they signed up! Your subscription helps the next chapter of Creative Engineering thrive! Satisfaction guaranteed with a full refund if it's not for you after your first month.

Start your subscription today so you don't miss out on a single video, and help Aaron keep the Rock-afire Explosion and Creative Engineering alive forever.