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2 Hour Creative Engineering Tour and Show - Orlando, FL

$400.00 / Sold Out

Enjoy a 2 hour evening with Aaron Fechter. Get a complete tour of Creative Engineering. Enjoy a tour of history, dig in the archives and of course get to witness in the Rock-afire Explosion in action! The longer you can stay, the more you get to do. A quick tour and a show can be done in an hour, but a 2 hour tour is a must for the die hard fans! Pictures and videos are allowed, and you'll get professional pictures taken with The Rock-afire Explosion. This product selection is set up as the price for 2 hours, but, if you would like a different length tour, please call 407-425-1001. This price is for up to 4 people.

NOTE: all proceeds go to help preserve Creative Engineering and the Rock-afire Explosion!

Note, please include your email address with order for contact from Creative Engineering to set up the date of your tour.